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Re: It's weird, I have only one complaint about ST (2009)...

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But Spock's petulant response, inner turmoil or no inner turmoil, rings untrue to me. It isn't so much that it's "making fun of Roddenberry's philosophy" as it is I'd imagine that Nimoy's Spock (you know, the guy who tried to broker peace with Klingons?) would have been in favor of the proposition. He may not have liked what Nero had done, but he'd put it aside. As Kirk said, that would be the logical thing to do.
But this Spock really isn't Prime Spock, he's a man who has faced the destruction of his world and literally watched his mother slip away. Plus, the Spock who tried to negotiate peace with the Klingons is nearly fifty-years older.

So, I can definitely understand this Spock not being inclined to save someone who killed six billion plus beings.
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