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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

When Voyager was on, I became alienated from the attempts to use the series to atone what was perceived to be wrong with Star Trek in general. TNG was too PC and lacked continuity, and DS9 was stuck in place, and overall the series was too optimistic. I didn't mind the introduction of 7 of 9, but I hated the whole exploration of "individuality," which sounded like trying to inject Data with huge doses of Libertarianism. To a lesser extent, the same flaws crept into DS9 (hello, Defiant), but may have been minimized because of the split of writing talent between the two shows. Odo's struggle to be lovable and Nog's search for respectability (the former narrative annoyed me, while I enjoyed the latter) didn't consume the show the way 7 or 9's development did. And sadly, Voyager was set up for many personal journeys: Chakotary, Torres, Kim and Paris were all set up to earn redemption, but at some point it was not longer addressed. In the end, Enterprise suffered most, trying to emulate the spirit and style of the original series but find some place for the "edge" that made sci-fi in the naughts sellable.
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