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Re: should moffat step down

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Of course the downside is, if you like a particular Doctor/vision you always fear the next one will be something you hate…
Interestingly, I have never felt that. I've always been excited about the change. My intense distaste for Moffat's era actually came as a complete surprise to me. It even snuck up on me as, over the first half of his first season or so, I kept trying to convince myself that I still was enjoying it as much as ever. But by the end of that first season, I just couldn't lie to myself anymore....I had to admit to myself that the love was gone. *Sniff*

In all seriousness, I just really, really think his Mad Hatter-esque conception of the main character, his condescending fairy-tale tone, all of it just strikes me as utterly wrong for a science fiction television show that, over five decades, has proved again and again and again that it is NOT "just a kid's show", never has been, and absolutely deserves to be taken seriously.

Anyway....even if he leaves after one year, it's still pretty soon, and maybe the next showrunner will dislike Moffat's vision as much as I do, and then, maybe, we'll see something different.
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