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Re: Microsoft planning complete reversal of DRM policy for Xbox One

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The latest rumour about the Xbox One is pretty damning for MS if true (emphasis mine):

He then goes on to detail a Family Sharing feature of the Xbox One that has been scrapped due to the change in policies. The feature would have allowed Xbox One owners to share their game libraries with other family members, regardless of their location. However, the engineer reveals that Family Sharing would only let family members access a "demo mode" of the game for between 15 mins and 45 mins, and in some cases an hour. After that time, the shared game would cease and a user would be forwarded to a marketplace to purchase the full game. It's impossible to verify that these are the words of an Xbox engineer, but sources familiar with Microsoft's Xbox plans have revealed to The Verge that the company was discussing the idea of limiting each Family Sharing session to one hour and that game progress would be saved so you could play through the hourly caps or purchase the full game to continue uninterrupted. The engineer notes that Microsoft was contemplating limiting the number of times Family Sharing could be accessed per game until it was purchased.
If true, the family sharing feature was a glorified demo. There's still details missing, but it seems that publishers were forcing MS to limit the number of times you could use the service, and with a maximum 1-hour limit of play I doubt this feature would have allowed players to play games to completion.

If this rumour is true, it would explain MS's decision to remove the DRM so soon after E3. The one thing MS had going for them was the family sharing service, Xbox fanboys were using it to defend the system, and if MS had revealed that all it was was a glorified demo then it would have seemed like a betrayal of their most loyal supporters. Since MS were coming under increasing pressure during E3 to give details on the family sharing system, they couldn't have hidden its true nature for much longer and instead decided to abandon the whole DRM scheme.

If MS really were trying to pass off this system as a replacement for sharing physical discs, that's really sleazy.
Yeah, the figures simply did not add up when you looked closely at this feature, and considering all the DRM to stop second hand games that was being pushed, you could tell there was a funny smell about this from the minute they mentioned it.

I mean if 10 people bought one X1 game each and shared those 10 games between them and completed said games, then that would mean a potential loss of 90 games sales.

Now i'm a big thicko and even i could work out publishers and game devs would never sign off on a feature that offered such a huge loss in sales, while with the other hand they are storking the X1 DRM and trying to control the second hand market.

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