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Don't post story ideas in this forum

We've had a couple of instances recently of people not realising that they shouldn't post story ideas in this forum, so here's a reminder

Because we have professional Trek authors reading and posting in this forum (and because we'd like them to stay), we cannot have story ideas/speculation posted in this forum. Unsolicited story ideas are a legal minefield for authors because of the risk of someone suing them saying "you stole my idea". It doesn't matter if you say 'steal away', we can't have any story ideas here.

There is a fan fiction forum down in the Star Trek Fandom section of the BBS which is the perfect place for posting and discussing story ideas that you have. You could even try writing them yourself

UPDATE: 13th June 2014:

This is a quote from Christopher which gives a good example from the writer's point of view of what moves something into story idea territory:

Christopher wrote: View Post
I think what made the initial post feel too much like a story idea to me was that it made some specific suggestions about what would motivate Malcolm or whom he might get involved with. It's that kind of suggestion about specific events or choices, the point where it starts to become a narrative rather than just discussion or general speculation, that you have to watch out for. It's not any suggestion that does it; writers draw on ideas from other people all the time. So speculation about the cultures of alien species, say, would generally be okay. That's just setting the stage. But when it's a plotline, a description of a specific event or situation or transformative experience affecting the characters, that's when it crosses into story idea territory.

Thank you for your time - enjoy discussing Trek Lit
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