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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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Oh, please, this thread and forum is riddled with negative comments about anyone not swallowing nuTrek, while trying to tear down TOS.
That's an exaggeration: people like the new movies and naturally defend them when others make bloated claims about how objectively bad they are. Again, this does not indicate obsession or devotion.
Say waht you want, but the second anyone questions or offers opinion on the shortcomings of nuTrek, in comes the slams of TOS, TOS movies, the actors, etc. You are free to search pages one and two for evidence as visible as the screen in front of you.
I think you're misreading what's mostly a backlash against people making greatly exaggerated claims about TOS' progressiveness and dubious claims of possessing the definitive interpretation of Roddenberry's "vision" --whilst wearing heavily rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia-- as bashing of TOS and Roddenberry when they're not. Also, there's a backlash against people hypocritically and irrationally criticizing certain aspects of STiD while overlooking those same qualities in series or films of the past that they enjoyed.

TOS was a fairly progressive series for its day, but it still had many of the negative trappings of 60s TV. But that's understandable, and the show can still be appreciated for the efforts it made at improving things and for the entertainment value it still provides.

And every time some numpty starts babbling on about knowing the ONE TRUE interpretation of Goddenberry's vision like some half-assed preacher angrily waving his personally revised copy of the Bible with passages crossed out and replaced by handwritten notes in the margins, I just tune them out. Roddenberry was a good storyteller with some progressive ideas, and I'm thankful to him for creating Star Trek, but he didn't make the original series alone, he also had some pretty negative behaviors and off the wall ideas, was perfectly willing to drastically alter "canon" if it suited his needs; which is fine but contrary to the fanon notion that he was some sort of guardian of an inviolable canon, and his "vision" often varied wildly from one season/movie or iteration of Trek to the next.

So, what you're seeing is not so much an unfair criticism of TOS and Roddenberry, it's a criticism of the hyperbolic and unrealistic idealized image of them some fans have in their heads.
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