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Re: Nothing Human/Moral Perspectives on Exobiology

I think this is a fascinating story, despite the plastic bug that was stuck to B'Elanna's chest for much of the ep, and I don't really understand the 2oth and 21st century fans who complain it is unrealistic when these ethical questions come up in our own culture/society.

Here's an article delineating the issue, and showing "modern" examples of the argument from freezing research to the effects of phosphogene on the human lung.

I understand that people posting might not agree with B'Elanna's interpretation... just as Dr Pozos and Dr Hayward don't agree with it, but to diss the ep because you think the writers made up an illegitimate controversy is mistaken.

This ep has more real life connections to us than "Tuvix" ever could, and Janeway settled this one the same way she settled Tuvix. She said "no" to the blended parasite/B'Elanna being and "yes" to her crewman.

Unlike Tuvix, however, this decision had consequences that reverberated from season 5 until the 3rd ep of season 6.

The "rift" between Janeway and B'Elanna.

JANEWAY: Feeling any better?
TORRES: I'm alive.
JANEWAY: I hope you can understand why I went against your wishes, B'Elanna. Losing you was unacceptable. I know you're angry, but we need to put this behind us. Understood?
TORRES: Is that an order?
TORRES: You can't order someone to get rid of an emotion, Captain.
JANEWAY: And what emotion is that?
TORRES: You had no right to make that decision for me!
JANEWAY: I'm the Captain. You're my crewman. I did what I thought best. I get the feeling there are still a few demons in the air. Let's hope this does the trick, huh?

Sorry Captain, but those demons will take another 15 eps to dispel.
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