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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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I suspect that CommishSleer's post may not have been entirely serious, but YMMV.
Yeah, I think mileage does vary.

Obviously, the proposal of segregation wasn't serious. That paragraph had a clear set-up for the joke, in its opening line, too.

However, use of the word "actually" in the part I quoted kinda trumped other interpretations in that part, to me.

CommishSleer, were you serious or joking?
I was actually 97.5% joking.

I apologize that my humour seems strange to a lot of people here. I'll be sure to include more smiley's next time.

There was a slight element of seriousness to it but I certainly didn't mean to say people who liked the underwearing Carol Marcus scene were unintelligent. Just as I wouldn't say people who liked the Cumberbatch shower scene (if it had been in it) or Kirk, McCoy and Uhura in tight wetsuits as unintelligent either.
You've got to have something good to look at in a movie.

In reality I think that JJ was trying to attract more people to the movie by including the scene in the trailer and having more people see the movie is a good thing.

And it was only 2 seconds long and Marcus was the professional one in the scene not Kirk but it was not the same as seeing someone at the beach. Actually seeing all the cast at the 'beach' in the next movie would be a great idea (especially Karl Urban).
Sorry I use the word 'actually' a lot.
Thanks! I can't help but to agree with you now!
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