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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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Oh, please, this thread and forum is riddled with negative comments about anyone not swallowing nuTrek, while trying to tear down TOS.
That's an exaggeration: people like the new movies and naturally defend them when others make bloated claims about how objectively bad they are. Again, this does not indicate obsession or devotion.
Say waht you want, but the second anyone questions or offers opinion on the shortcomings of nuTrek, in comes the slams of TOS, TOS movies, the actors, etc. You are free to search pages one and two for evidence as visible as the screen in front of you.

Yeah, sure enough it doesn't say what you claim it says.
Selective perception, since Bill's response was:

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Hit the brakes. Yminale is correct: any contracted production company can be booted from a film, as Viacom/Paramount does indeed own all things Star Trek, and can do whatever they wish to it (including bad things such as TOS-R and nuTrek). Whether or not BR has any ivolvement in a hypothetical third film is irrelevant--if P/V decide to pull the plug, it will happen.

You're right, it's a brilliant idea to boot the production company that gave you the two highest-grossing Trek features ever and have penetrated international markets in a way Star Trek never has before.
Exactly as stated.
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