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Re: Babylon 5 20th Anniversary: Visual Celebration Book!

Going by the text of the advertisement and what text on the book I’ve read, it’s really a visual (presumably very high quality visual, for the most part) history of the show. A collection of mostly previously unreleased photographs. To be brutally frank though – and this is only based on what little I’ve read – text wise it leaves a lot to be desired. I’m not seeing a lot of information.

The descriptions surrounding the concept artwork for the Lorien ship for example. Whoever wrote that clearly never spoke to the designer (Luc Mayrand). It's just the personal opinions of the author. The notion it was based on a fish is so incredibly wrong, and the text beneath each sketch is cringe worthy. So from the point of view of letting the reader know about the thought processes behind the design, it’s worse than useless. But then, do folks buy books like this for the information value, or the range and quality of the photographs!?
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