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Starbase: New Hope

The United Federation of Planets accepted a new member, the New Hopian Confederation. While a colony of eugenic refugees 250 years ago, they have survived and prospered. Today the home world of New Hope and affiliated worlds under her control encompass 80 systems (41 Inhabitated) and nearly 200 billion people. Not only is New Hope a great boost in an area of space that has seen troubled times on the outskirts of the Romulan/Klingon borders, but New Hope also has a great deal to gain from membership with the United Federation of Planets.
Queen Abrianna of the New Hopian Confederacy along with her younger brother, Prince Raphael, were recently reunited with a long time estranged sister, namely Commander Mercedes McVey of the Federation Starship USS Courage. In a surprise move by Starfleet, they named the Commander as the sole liaison to
Queen Abrianna and New Hope in a bid to gain favor - it seems to have worked spectacularly for the UFP. Because of the deepening of the Federation’s relationship with the New Hopian Confederacy, a radical group of terrorists loyal to the disposed King kidnapped Commander McVey. Fortunately she was later rescued by her then fiancé Commander Andrew Anderson, and the USS Courage.
This was a major turning point in the membership process between the UFP and New Hope. The peace process strained because of the kidnapping, the presence of Genetic Camps, and because of the injuries sustained by Commander McVey and Captain Anderson during the rescue attempt, a full scale investigation was initiated. Eventually, from the information that the Captain and crew of the Courage gathered, countless people were freed from prison
However the USS Courage and crew have endeared themselves to the peoples of the New Hopian Confederacy. After the kidnapping when the fate of Captain Anderson and Commander McVey was still in jeopardy, Commander Lungbarrow ordered the Courage to
homeport at Utopia Planitia with all possible speed. Indeed, putting themselves at risk it was only by the extreme vigilance and care of the crew, that the engines of the Courage did not destroy themselves.
Once the valiant ship came to rest, Commander Lungbarrow thru family connections called for an emergency meeting of the Federation Council. It was only through his intervention that the Federation Council reversed it's rejection of the New Hopian Confederacy membership proposal, and by an impassioned plea for understanding and time on behalf of Queen Abrianna and her recently established rule was a postponement granted. However it was the truely stunning surprise appearance by an injured Captain Anderson, speaking on her own behalf to explain the real situation on New Hope, that the Membership accords were pushed forward.
After that in another holo-novel moment, Commander McVey explained her actions in the proceeding events and revealed her genetic and biological enhancements, which are still tightly
controlled within the UFP. This almost lead to her dismissal as a Starfleet Officer, and of her citizen status within the Federation. Fortunately her adoptive father, himself an Ex-Fleeter, stepped forward and explained Commander McVey was genetically and physically changed without her permission- as a political prisoner while still a small child.
While this was debated heavily within the Council, and indeed the entire Federation, her new adoptive son Thomas provided all the proof the Councilors needed to decide that Commander McVey, the Courage and Queen Abrianna of New Hope were telling the truth about
the situation on New Hope - namely a small band of rebels loyal to the disposed King were intent on killing the rest of the ruling family. The heirs of an tyrannical and sadistic father.
After a brief respite where Captain Kathryn Anderson, her husband Captain Michael Anderson, along with his brother Andrew Anderson fiancé Commander Mercedes McVey vacationed and rested from their
ordeals, did the details of the New Hopian Membership Accords become clear. On behalf of New Hope Queen Abrianna offered the hand of the heir apparent Princess Mercedes McVey (aka - Commander McVey) in marriage along with a dowry of five New Hopian Command Warships in exchange for membership.
The United Federation of Planets offered in exchange all the
resources of the UFP and Starfleet, and training of New Hope officers, for the son of Admiral Matthew Anderson to enter into marriage with Princess Mercedes.
While this might seem to be against the principals of the UFP both were more than willing to play the parts requested of them. So on a beautiful clear morning on New Hope Prime with a massive roaring waterfall as a backdrop Commander Andrew Anderson and Commander Mercedes McVey were wedded, to the delight of their respective families and to the entire quadrant.
Commander Anderson officially adopted Thomas the refugee as his son and the new Princess Anderson requested that Thomas should be recognized officially by the New Hopian people and government to be a legitimate son of her union with the new Prince Anderson. This was however merely a formality, as the blue eyed blond headed boy had already been considered part of the family.
It has been a relatively peaceful transition into Federation life for the New Hopian Confederacy thus far. Shortly after New Hope’s introduction into
the Federation, the Anderson Captains received promotions to the rank of Admiral. Michael Anderson was named the head of Security for the New Hopian Systems. Captain Kathryn Anderson reluctantly took the promotion to Fleet Admiral of the entire sector and is following her father's benchmark and is the Task Force Commanding Officer of the powerful New Hopian fleet.
With the promotion the husband and wife uprooted themselves and their 4 year old twins Daniel and Maggie, leaving behind successful careers of guest teaching at Starfleet Academy to move to the new Starbase being constructed over New Hope Prime. The couple prefers to root their family directly on the planet in order to give their children as much of a normal life as possible. Prince Anderson was promoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral and helps his brother with
Fleet Security. Princess Anderson like the others was promoted to the rank of Admiral.
Princess Mercedes is the official representative of New Hope and also serves as her homeland’s Liaison/Ambassador on the Federation Council. Together Andrew, Mercedes, Thomas, and infant Emily reside on New Hope in order to
better understand the country and people they faithfully serve.

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