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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

Earth: I enjoyed all the machinations in this one. Still unclear as to why the govco is in such a hurry to get them back with such risks taken, though I'm going to assume it's a political bonus the president wants. I like how Young trusts Rush more than Telford and govco but he still doesn't trust him

Telford is absolutely repulsive to me.

The scene at the end where Young's ex opens the door to Telford is that Young? Because he seems to hold himself with that hovering unsureness Young has. Or is it Telford pursuing that brief bit of booty he had when the stones switched out? Since they always show the real person and not the body being used I'm going to assume the latter.

But just look at him, he has a Young face on.. he actually looks less repulsive than usual.

IS HE IMPERSONATING YOUNG?! Yeah that is a huge stretch since the ex would surely know it just by conversation.

The continuing drama of Eli's Adventures in the Friendzone was kind of useless chatter here. And I couldn't help but wonder about the driving, wouldn't it make more sense if you were switched to never drive? If you switch abruptly back there could be an accident.

Oh and you are all so lucky this is my second time watching this as you are spared my OMG ICK rants about the stone sex. I am now used to stone sex, in fact I welcome it.

Here's a pretty pic of Greer who has great presence in all his scenes.


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