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Re: VOY Caption Contest 109; A Small Ship

Janeway: We've got to find a way to get around these AOTW!
Tuvok: I am running a full tactical analysis, Captain. It will take some time though.
Chakotay: I have an idea--
Janeway: Quiet you! You know what happens when you make fun of my latest hair do. Now stand in the corner and think about what you said!

Janeway: It's so nice to have this place to ourselves, Seven.
Chakotay: Um, hello.
Janeway: Oh, Commander. I never noticed you.
Chakotay: I'm standing right next to Seven!
Janeway: You were in her shadow.
Kim: Hi.
Janeway: What was that?

Paris: See I told you I was the resident ladies man. See how easily I pick up chicks.

Chakotay: So ladies, why don't you slip out of those restrictive outfits and rub each other down with this baby oil.
Janeway: Chakotay, we're in the cargo bay not the holodeck.
Chakotay: I know.

Paris: Quick Harry, for once Seven isn't hogging the scene, it's your turn to shine!
Kim: Umm...huh? Do what now?
Paris: [groans] Well I tried.
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