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Re: Annoying Over Played Songs..

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We Will Rock You
Oh God yes. That piece of shit is even worse than Seven Nation Army or that 'Kernkraft 400' where everyone goes ohhhhhhaaaoaooaoahhhh.
It's not a piece of shit, it's a legendary piece of crowd-pleasing genius, it just happens to be vastly overused due to its popularity at sporting events.

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We Are The Champions

We Will Rock You

Bohemian Rhapsody
Always love them.
They are great tracks, but they are all over used to the point of being annoying now. Especially to a huge Queen fan like myself.

WWRY and WATC are the first two tracks of News of the World, my all time favourite album, but sometimes I wish they weren't as I am tempted to skip them to get to the rest of the album, heard them soooo many times now. It's nice to hear their legacy reverberating around the world 20 years after Freddie died, but there's a huge catalogue of their music that is mostly overlooked in favour of the radio singles.
So it goes.
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