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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

@ blssdwlf & Donny

First of all thanks for your input. It helped me to re-evaluate some aspects of my approach. Blssdwlf has opened my eyes regarding the overscan issue (considering how involved I had been last year in the TNG format debate, it's somewhat odd that I did not apply my knowledge in the TOS context), although I presume that's not what he intended.

I also need to re-evaluate my approach to the location of "The Naked Time" sickbay (slept the night over it). As a matter of fact Spock's movement in "Amok Time" was not "Crazy Ivan" but "Confused Vulcan" and although I feel that door signs do not change within the episode, what we see in "The Naked Time" are - as a matter of fact - infected crewmen that perform practical jokes all over the ship, so I think it's not farfetched to assume that some of these did swap door signs all over the ship and therefore "Spock's corridor" to the ECR and Riley's corridor to sickbay could actually be one and the same. Fair enough?

Regarding the onscreen dialogue blssdwlf has mentioned the essentials in the previous post. I'd like to add more evidence:
  • already in "The Man Trap" audiences could notice (even despite the overscan of their television sets) that the security report from "Deck 5" happened in front of an "astr(o-medicine) w(ard)". This may have been the inpiration for subsequent episodes and directors to locate sickbay on Deck 5.
  • in "Amok Time" Kirk wanted the reluctant Spock to have himself checked in sickbay and accompanied him to "Deck 5". Obviously he personally wanted to make sure Spock went to sickbay and actually waited until Spock had left the turbo lift (!)
  • according to "Elaan of Troyius" sickbay is on Deck 5
  • after Lt. Johnson had been severely wounded by the Klingons in "Day of the Dove", Kirk told the ship's computer to carry them to sickbay. That this "sickbay" cannot possibly be on Deck 7 becomes evident once you check the width of Deck 8 in the cutaway draft I provided several posts ago. The A-frame corridor outside the Crew Lounge is clearly visible in the footage, but a corridor that long can't possibly be on Deck 8. You'd need at least Deck 7 to accomodate its length but then, sickbay would inevitably have to be on Deck 6 or another deck above!
  • and last not least according to Spock in "Day of the Dove" "the Klingons control deck six and starboard deck seven, while we control all sections above." While this could theoretically be rationalized (overdrive?), I for one would find it somewhat odd that McCoy performed medical surgery on injured crew members in a resistance pocket on Deck 7 surrounded by Klingons, and feel it more reasonable to assume that he did provide medical assistance on Deck 5 above instead!
Summary: While there is plenty of evidence in TOS that sickbay is on Deck 5, there's none whatsoever that it is on Deck 7.

The assumption (and that's essentially all it is after the facts) that Deck 7 is the one (and only?) sickbay location comes from the interior description of the ship in The Making of Star Trek and the subsequent FJ works because he based his work entirely on this description and not on the actual information available from the series, IMO.

If you read the interior description again, you may find that there is a high probability that we are looking at a fatal flaw that has been causing Trekkers considerable headaches for the past decades (and just proves that Gene Roddenberry and Mr. Whitfield totally underestimated the fan interest in the interior layout of the ship. The enormous success of FJ's works is a testimony to their "lack of vision").

As I said earlier, I presume this interior description to have been a working blueprint at the start of the series and before certain premises were actually changed by scriptwriters and directors.
On page 172 Whitfield added a piece of Season Two information (Dr. Daystrom and duotronic computers) which gave the interior description an air of describing the ship's interior at its Season Two condition, but also with the noticable absence of Season Two sets like the Auxiliary Control Room and the Emergency Manual Monitor!

However, "Amok Time" and its Deck 5 suggestion for sickbay had happened before amidst no evidence for any sickbay location on Deck 7, and therefore it stands to reason that Mr. Whitfield simply took the concept sheet for the pilot Enterprise from "Where No Man Has Gone Before" without making a serious effort to upgrade it to reflect all the changes and new sets introduced during Seasons One and Two (and FJ -in a manner of speaking - essentially performed "copy and paste")!

It almost appears Mr. Whitfield only reflected the latest information from the script of "The Ultimate Computer". Not only because of his Daystrom annotation but also because of his (admittedly logical) conclusion that the cabins of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty had to be on Deck 5, because this was the deck where the M-5 computer hadn't switched off life support, and because those senior officers were still present (apparently most if not all of the 20 crew members still on board must have also resided on Deck 5...).

Therefore I suggest to consume the interior description according to The Making of Star Trek (and FJ) with grains of salt. However, not for one second would it occur to me to disregard that description in my treknological research attempt. Since there is no reason not to assume that McCoy's office and the bulk (!) of the medical laboratories is on Deck 7, I shall of course reflect that information accordingly in the final draft for Deck 7 (including the morgue of the ship. To me it appears Deck 7 is the intense care facility, shielded from the curious eyes of the general crew and/or alien ambassadors and the probability that an intense care patient dies on this deck is higher than on the ones above. Coffins could be lowered onto Deck 8 with the exterior hatch for a burial "at sea", though I'm having still some doubts whether its proper to locate the ship's chapel on a deck that is otherwise used for recreation. Alternately Deck 7 would be a good candidate for the chapel, as other crew members might go there and pray for the quick recovery of a fellow crewman being taken care of in the intense care facilities).

Actually, given the many sickbay variations during TOS, I was rather glad to have the space between Decks 5 and 7 available for that. I honestly sympathize with the discomfort of esteemed Trekkers like FalTorPan and GSchnitzer to have that many medical wards (and transporter rooms) aboard the ship, but hope to be able to present a reasonable explanation once I have the opportunity to illustrate and comment on Deck 7 (soon...).

As a matter of fact I originally had wanted today to address the issue of multiple transporter rooms (since we are still "on" Deck 6), but that will now have to wait for later. Good thing is, that you guys just provided me with the opportunity to elaborate on the actual value of Whitfield's interior description, so I'm happy to be done with that part as I also will need to address Whitfield's transporter descriptions, of course. Stay tuned...

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