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Favourite & Least Favourite Trek relaunch novels?

What are peoples favourite and least favourite trek relaunch novels?

I'm working my way through (up to Paths of Disharmony - not read DS9 or Voyager yet), but so far I think my favourites would be Destiny, Articles of the Federation, A singular destiny & Taking Wing.

As for least favourites - Resistance, Death in Winter and Synthesis.
Resistance i find to be so far out of character its ridiculous - Picard as Locutus again just seems like very bad fanfic. Death in winter I just found boring. Synthesis wasn't a bad story, but I find star trek to be terrible in general when it comes to 24th century computing (clearly the importance of backups, DR, even copying things instead of moving them, have all become lost arts in the 24th century!)
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