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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

But the big three and all those loyal fans who left early on Tuesday got rewarded. Doesn't that give you warm fuzzies and snuggles? Miami's just so humble and cuddly.

Think about it, though. How long can Wade's knees hold out? Not much longer. At least when my Thunder lost it was due to them not matching up well, and them not having a strong enough inside game and just generally not being as good as the Heat. Thunders wins one, Heat win four straight. That's the way it goes.

San Antonio had the fuckers from South Beach beat. They had the championship grazing their fingertips even though they were old, somewhat rickety and not as talented from top to bottom of the roster. They had it. The podium was on its way down the hall on to the court. The tape was there. All they needed was a made free throw and an offensive rebound at the other end of the floor.. They were up by 5 with 28 seconds to go to a championship. Miami wasn't going to come up with some miracle.

San Antonio, you gave it away. This I knew on Tuesday, ergo I'm merely disgusted tonight. Not devastated. It's going to be a looooooong off season for the Spurs.

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