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Re: If you're a devoted X-Box player,why is it better for you than PS3

Magellan wrote: View Post
I have both but until the XB1 fiasco bought almost all of my games on the 360

1) It was out first. PS3 wasnt an option when I bought my HD TV
2) Sony was a complacent company that deserved some humbling
3) EVERY time I start my PS3 there is some stupid update that takes a really long time to install. 360 doesnt seem to have this problem
4) XBL store is a lot easier to navigate then Sony's crummy online store
5) Xbox 360 controller is a lot more comfortable for me. Liked the Saturn 3D pad, Like the DC controller and LOVED the Controller S.
6) Games dont require an install
7) I like Halo/Gears better than God of War/Killzone although all the best games are multi-plat
1. and 2. I'd give you. I didn't want to touch Sony at the time of launch for the second reason myself.
3. not as much if you've got plus. It switches on and downloads updates at a set time each day now.
4. since they updated the store and since MS changed to the new interface I'd say the opposite is true.
5. I'd still agree with. I prefer the Xbox controller but I'm getting used to the PS one.
6. Games don't require an install on the PS3 for the most part, there's only a few I've encountered that do. Though I install games on the Xbox anyway.
7. Halo and Gears are alright, so is God of War, not a fan of Killzone, but Resistance is alright, inFamous is good, and Uncharted is great.
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