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Re: Was it really Janeways fault they got stuck there?

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Might equals righteousness?

Is that better?

Was Queen Victoria the Empress of India an asshole or a liar?

As your current theory stands, the Native Americans could ask all non Native Americans to leave North America, so that they could have their home back, and good manners would force all non Native Americans to eject themselves off the continent.

That would be pleasant and hilarious, but it's not going to happen without some massive cultural shift on par with a literal apocalypse.
A dictator.

Your analogy is ridiculous. No government has the right to take away the individual freedoms of any person, regardless of ethnicity or whether your ancestors 500 years ago were born there or not.

Supreme executive powah derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical military entitlement. If you need to threaten a populace with violence and imprisonment to stay in power, you do not deserve that power. If you treat one group of people as automatically inferior to another group of people based solely on birth, you are a dictator.
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