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Re: Anti-Borg technology and tactics

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protomatter -- it probably wouldnt work at all.
Shouldnt need too work just go bang!

We are blowing up borg cubes not terraforming here.
Agreed, but

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Even though it will be all on starfleet computers.
I think David put the protomatter in there secretly. No one knew and he died. The secret died with him (for that matter, Kruge should win a Stupid Award).

Saavik, even after being told about the protomatter, declared she had no knowledge of the Genesis torpedo Kruge wanted. Since Vulcans don't lie, that was it.

And Starfleet? well, the tape Starfleet had that Kirk, Spock and McCoy saw was one year old at that point. The rest of it was in the computer Khan stole and was destroyed. The backup tapes in Regula 1 were erased by the team when they fled the station or were collected by the Grisson -- oops.

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