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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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But Wolverine would never admit that he was wrong. And besides, AFAIC, everything that Cyke (and the rest of the P5) did while under the influence of the Phoenix was done in a state of diminished capacity and not entirely their own fault.

Cap can forgive Bucky for the things he did as Winter Soldier without even blinking. Wanda gets a hug and a "welcome back". And for the longest time, Cap turned a blind eye to Wolverine's bloodshed before his sudden realization in UA 9. And face it, Kid Apocalypse was far, far, far from the only blood on Wolverine's hands between the time he joined the Avengers and now.

Given that Cyke never sought the Phoenix for himself, and only received it due to the interference of the Avengers, the Avengers REALLY need to accept their own fair share of the blame for anything the P5 did before expecting it from anyone else.

And given that the Avengers only "saved" the day by using what was Cyclops' plan in the first place (i.e. let Hope take on the Phoenix and restore mutantkind), lets face it...

And I call total, total, total bullshit on the whole K'un L'un angle. If there was such a profound connection between K'un L'un and the Phoenix, why weren't any alarms going off there when Jean Grey was living with Danny Rand's girlfriend? Bullshit.

Not to mention that the whole thing was kicked off by the US Government, in the form of the Avengers, knocking on Cyclops' door looking for a fight and demanding that Cyke turn over a member of his own family into custody despite the fact that she had done nothing to warrant it. And they do it on the word of a man who holds a very public grudge against him and an equal blind spot where the Phoenix is concerned. YOU would be pissed as well.

Anyway, end rant. The truth is that the entirety of AvX was a clusterfuck of bad characterization and the story moving the characters, rather than the other way around. Moving on...
And how does Old Cyclops follow this event you may ask.

Why by after taking a dump on Xavier's grave trying to bring about the Days of Future Past where mutants are systematically slaughtered and the country is ruled by the Sentinels the US government will probably turn lose to put down his little mutant revolution thing seeing as they tend to not like people trying to pull a Magneto.
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