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Federation Halo-Class Variant WIP

Hat tip to Atolm: This Federation Halo-Class variant!

I thought that Atolm's design was Uber-inspirational, but that his ring nacelles cried out for something - anything! - to be going on inside the rings.

I finally realized what I wanted, and took one of my older spaceframes "off the shelf" and put in some ring nacelles. Then, I looked for some pictures of the Machine from the movie "Contact" and used them as placeholders for my idea in this rough draft.

Obviously, my idea is that in each circular nacelle houses 3 spinning circular warp coils that spin & rotate just like this:

I suppose that within the "core" of the spinning warp coils, some exciting bright lights would churn and flash. Alas, I am not a 3D artist or animator.

When the ship is not at warp, I imagine the 3 warp coils could either windmill randomly, or more likely, they'd nest together as a flat disk.

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