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Re: Anti-Borg technology and tactics

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protomatter -- it probably wouldnt work at all.
Shouldnt need too work just go bang!
Starfleet already has things that go bang. Genesis DOES NOT go bang; its effect is more similar to V'ger's glowing torpedo bolts that hit one little corner of your ship and then spreads through the skin like an electric rash.

That probably isn't the kind of effect you'd get without protomatter, even if you're not trying to stabilize the end result into some kind of productive matrix.

Even though it will be all on starfleet computers.
Its EXISTENCE would, yes. Not the design plans, development notes or any of the pertinent data you would need to build your own. This, if you remember, was the whole reason why Khan went and killed everyone: the data wasn't in Reliant's computer, and they scrubbed every trace of it from Regula-1. If they put backups anywhere it would be in the cave underneath that little planetoid, and THAT was probably absorbed into the Genesis planet when Reliant exploded.

Scientists record there work...
And went to some rather elaborate means to erase those records just hours before they were massacred by a genetically engineered lunatic.
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