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Re: Wesley Crusher reviews Star Trek Into Darkness

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Agreed. I see absolutely no difference between the Catsuits Troi, Kira, Seven, and T'Pol wore comapred to Doctor Marcus in her underwear, except Doctor Marcus was in her underwear for only a minute, whreas the rest of them live in their cat suits. Additionally, the cat suits often showed shining headlights and were so snug around the lady parts, you could see outlines, I don't recall either of these being true with Doctor Marcus' underwear (Though, Kira's is definitely the least offensive of the Cat Suits). oh, and yes, Doctor Marcus you could see her navel, but, I recall a time or two the catsuits were so snug, they outlined a navel.
Yes, but, who honestly liked the catsuits? I honestly found it disconcerting that a show which enjoyed patting itself on the back for being progressive kept reusing the same hook to get the young boys drooling.

As such, i'll take Saavik with her hair down any day.
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