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Re: The problem with introducing my kids to Star Trek

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I am facing a lot of the same questions introducing my Fiance to Star Trek- she saw the newest movie first, then next weekend I showed her 'The Space Seed' and 'The Wrath of Khan'..

Favorite comment so far:

"You know honey, not to seem ugly or anything, but William Shatner is not a very good actor,, is he?"

Since she is going to be part of my life I am trying to show her what I like, where I am coming from and quite frankly most of this sounds silly as hell when you try to describe it to a person who has only seen PriceLine commercials...
Hah, I showed my girlfriend TWOK on Blu-ray a few days after we'd gone to see STID, and on seeing Kirk's big entrance said "he looks ridiculous that much younger", as she literally only knows of Shatner as the crazy old man who 'sang' a twisted cover of a Pulp song.

(Incidentally, despite having only seen the Abramsverse films and TWOK but nothing else of Trek, Galaxy Quest is one of her favourite films, and she insisted that we watch it on DVD not long after we first met years ago. How would you even 'get' that film without basic knowledge of Trek?!)
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