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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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I agree with everyone who says it became the EMH and 7 show. It's just I loved the EMH and 7 show so for me it was a happy turn of events.

I like how you say, "or even Chakotay". Now there was sidelining. Kim you expect, the Engineer, well they always have to bellow up from the bowels of the ship about what they canna do but the first officer?
You are so funny Teacake. I would probably not still be participating in this board if it were not for your presence and humor.
I'm being sincere. (A comment I only need to make because we are surrounded by sarcastic assholes, with whom I do NOT identify-- or at least it sometimes seems that way)

Yes, but even so, I liked Chuckles. (I know I am in a minority here). He may have seemed bland, dull and predictable to some. But to me he was solid and dependable. Good character! Just like Kim.
Long live Tuvix!
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