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Re: The Official Speculation Thread about John Hurt's "Secret" Doctor.

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One of the articles I read (don't remember which one or where) said that Hurt is going to be the 9th Doctor and that everyone else is being shifted making Matt Smith the 12th Doctor. They're supposed to explain it on the show.
That was the rumour being reported before The Name of the Doctor aired. That episode made it clear that Hurt is an incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Doctor and is implied to be an incarnation that comes before the Eleventh, given he is spoken of in the past tense. And despite the final scene saying "Introducing John Hurt as the Doctor" this incarnation wasn't actually considered to be the Doctor, therefore they don't have to adjust anyone's numerical identification.

If he is indeed somewhere before Smith, than the only options are pre-Hartnell (which could tie-in with the other faces seen in Brain of Morbius) or between McGann and Eccleston (since that's the only other gap he could fit in).
He could also be between Troughton and Pertwee. We don't see the change, we only see Troughton swirling, and then Pertwee pops outta The TARDIS (In Color) in the next episode.

Troughton could've been force regenerated into HurtDoctor and been incredibly bitter they stole a Regeneration from him and gone off the deep end, dropping the name, and doing horrible things. Then when his lifetime is over he regenerates into Pertwee.

I'm more onboard with Pre-Hartnell or between 8 and 9, I'm just saying between 2 and 3 is just as possible.
Hey, I've got a hard enough time accepting the whole Season 6B thing, I'm not even going to start considering a Doctor between Troughton and Pertwee.

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^^in that line of reasoning, perhaps HurtDoctor was heroically stopped before he could wipe Monty Python as well, when Clara made a phone call to Terry Jones asking if he'd like to buy them instead???
So does that make Ian Levine the MASTER *head explodes*
The Master is typically a much nicer guy. At the very least, the Delgado incarnation displayed better manners than Levine.
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