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Re: Recommend to me some old TV shows

Dead like Me. Cute sarcastic girl gets hit in the head by a toilet seat that fell off the Mir Space Station. Before she goes to heaven, Cute girl has to work as a Grim reaper collecting the souls of the dead for Mandy Patinkin.

The Middle Man. Everything from Comicbooks is real and that is how the world really works, and some one has to stand between al that and normal people. The Middle Man has also taken on a cute sarcastic female apprentice.

Pushing Daisies. The story of a pie maker who can bring people back from the dead with a single touch, briefly until he touches them again and they die again forever permanently. The Pickle is that he brought the cute saccharinely sweet girl he loves back from the dead and now they can never ever ever touch each other again. They also fight crime.

Wonderfalls. The Universe animates the plastic trinkets (with cgi) in a Niagara Falls gift shop, who order a cute sarcastic girl into going about insane ridiculous tasks which eventually makes the world a better place.

Journey Man. Slow, almost awful in the beginning. But by the end it's a pretty solid series about time travel starring Owen from Gray's Anatomy and (young) Moon Bloodgood from Falling Skies. Seriously the first couple episodes are unforgivably bad, but the Producers get their shit together and turn it around.
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