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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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Hit the brakes. Yminale is correct: any contracted production company can be booted from a film, as Viacom/Paramount does indeed own all things Star Trek, and can do whatever they wish to it (including bad things such as TOS-R and nuTrek). Whether or not BR has any ivolvement in a hypothetical third film is irrelevant--if P/V decide to pull the plug, it will happen.
It's good to know that hate can defeat anything, including logic.

You're right, it's a brilliant idea to boot the production company that gave you the two highest-grossing Trek features ever and have penetrated international markets in a way Star Trek never has before.
See my post on the Raimi Spider-Man films, which were leaps and bounds above the box office of nuTrek, but that series was rebooted with no hesitation.

Don't blind yourself with on-bended-knee devoiton to nuTrek, that you glide over historical reference proving the opposing point.
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