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Re: Genesis Question

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^^^ So if there's even a microbe, the show's *not* off?

I took Carol's statement to mean that the life-generating effect wouldn't work if there was even microbial life present.

I took it as an either/or extreme.

If there's no life, then the Genesis effect would result in life where none existed before.
If there were even microbes, then it would destroy such life, in favor of it's new matrix.

Genesis either creates life or destroys life, based on the conditions present at detonation. This was my understanding of its function. Or was the lifeless requirement a condition to test the Genesis experiment in a sterile uncontaminated controlled environment?
Carol was referring to the Prime Directive's raison d'etre, in its most extreme form.

Talk about NOT interfering with a society's evolution!

I actually NEVER got the POV that if microbes existed either G. wouldn't work or that it might bias the results, allowing naysayers to say they were already there.

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