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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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Which is what many of us have been saying all along.
That point is not in contention between you and me. I merely remarked that Superman Returns performed similarly and they rebooted after a 7 year hiatus. Seeing Abrams is committed to SW, I don't see why Viacom/Paramount doesn't do the same thing.
Excellent point. Superman Returns was rebooted because they wanted to incorporate the character in the "Nolanized" DC Comics film universe, so a latter-day Donner-esque sequel would not fit, no matter how it performed at the box office. If a truly creative director/writer stated an interest in directing a ST film (particularly after having his own hit), and V/P thought he would literally take a 21st century ST where no ST has gone before, a reboot would be considered.

It happened with Superman Returns, and it happened with the Raimi Spider-Man series (all highly successful, but did not matter).
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