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Re: Should Chakotay have been more of a "bad ass"

Janeway was, at heart, a scientist. Yeah, she was good at...everything...but she shouldn't have been. The writers (directors, studio, etc) did a disservice to the show by insisting she change for the storyline instead of allowing the establishment of a character who reacts and changes to situations.

Chakotay was, among other things, a tactician, having taught it at the Academy and then added Maquis tactics to his repertoire. In times of battle, his tactical advice should have predominated. Again, had they established and continued an actual character, he would have appeared more vital to the ship.

What's sad is that some fanfic can create and maintain consistency in the characters better than the show's writers. But then, fanfic authors aren't having the studio insist on bs crap that really doesn't belong.
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