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Re: I thought they said the JJ-comics were canon?

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Over in Star Trek's archnemesis' forum, Star Wars, the fans are currently dealing with their two decades-old novelverse being rendered noncanonical. It's about 5,000 years of history starting from the origins of the Sith and Jedi's war to a century past ROTJ with Luke Skywalker's drug-addicted antihero grandson who dabbles in piracy as well as bounty-hunting. Oh and the Sith rule the galaxy again.

The Walt Disney Corporation have stated they don't want any of this stuff in "their" continuation of Star Wars. Frankly, I don't blame them. Still, it's a question to fans, "What does this mean for our hobby?" Well, to me, not much. It's a complete entity of itself. Just like if they ever return to the main Trekverse with a Post-dominion War series the novelverse is still going to be as awesome as it was.
Let's be honest, as soon as Disney announced their plans to do more Star Wars movies, it should have been obvious right away that all the EU stood a chance of being flushed. Sure, it's kind of crappy that over twenty years worth of continuity will be summarily ignored, but it was unrealistic for Disney to expect any filmmaker to uphold a continuity which very little of the General Audience is going to be familiar with. In a worse-case scenario, the EU can just become some sort of alternate reality.

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Jeez, if Lois wants back child support, I'm sure he'll pay!
But Superman never made any money.
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