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Recommend to me some old TV shows

I'm caught up on all the newer TV shows I want to be caught up on (Except Game of Thrones, but I finished season 2 and 3 isn't on iTunes yet), and I just got through power-watching Community and Parks and Rec, and got through all the Star Treks except the original in the last year and a half.

So I'm looking for more shows to watch. I'm in the middle of Twilight Zone which is excellent but not always something I'm in the mood for. I've seen Twin Peaks and The Prisoner already, and the first few seasons of Columbo, but there's tons of shows I haven't seen. Hill Street Blues, MASH, about a zillion sitcoms I avoid out of bias against sitcoms.

What do you recommend? Preferably something on Netflix and long. Serial preferred, episodic is fine, something that isn't too formulaic.

I just remembered I never got through The Wire so maybe I'll go back to that.
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