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Re: Will we ever see proper Trek races?

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I admit I'd rather see them spend some time on pre-existing TOS and TMP aliens rather than spamming new ones. I'm fine if they want to re-image them. Although the Caitians were a bit unimaginative and crap, I guess I can't have my cake and eat it. Totally down with more Andorians.
Meh. I got my fill of Andorians and Tellarites in Enterprise. I'd definitely like to see more of Science Officer 0718 in the next movie though.
Is he the cyborg? I've never really understood Trek's aversion to cyborgs (Picard notwithstanding) but I get a bit nervous about them moving away from it. Mind you we had how many hundreds of intelligent androids in TOS and yet they still tried to sell Data as amazing and unique.

I definitely didn't have my fill of Andorians. Would have loved to see Shran as a member of the crew in season 5.
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