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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Sure, the scene could have been done with her back to the camera, but I don't even understand the need. OMG, women have breasts. Film at eleven. Making her turn her back to not show her shameful covered breasts sounds like something out of the Taliban.
Yeah, it's not a big deal but that doesn't change the fact that, as you admit, it wasn't necessary. Men like looking at tits. Women get frustrated that men like looking at tits. The cosmic ballet goes on. Mind you, I think most women are just rolling their eyes. Nobody really thinks it's a big deal, just more of the same.
What I said is that you get a lot of women in diverse roles. You also get men in diverse roles. You get lots of men AND women in diverse roles. The nature of the Trek setting does not preclude showing women in a better light, it simply isn't implemented. With more women, we should see women in diverse roles.
There are women in diverse roles in ST09 and STiD. There are several bridge officers, women working in engineering, women as medical staff in sickbay, women security officers guarding the brig, women flag officers/captains/XOs at the Starfleet briefing, Uhura as the communications officer/linguistics specialist, Marcus as a science officer/weapons specialist...

Nyota Uhura - Communications Officer/Linguist
Carol Marcus - Science Officer/Weapons Specialist
Hannity - Operations Officer
Darwin - Navigator
Madeline - Science Officer
Christine Chapel - Nurse
Unknown Female Bridge Officer (White Hair) - Possibly meant to be Ensign Brackett, since the credits writers or IMDb wrongly assigned that name to the previously named (in ST09) Hannity, who was also in STiD
Well done! Chapel is not in the movie and is no longer on the ship though so she doesn't count, Gaila is most likely dead and wasn't assigned to the Enterprise in any event, and there was but a single woman in security. You also scraped the bottom of the barrel with two characters so obscure that even IMDB struggles to tell them apart and these are our top six (or our only six)? So, we have six principle male characters before we movie onto Pike, Khan, and Marcus any one of whom has 10 times more lines than characters 4-6 on your list added together. At least GoT uses its numerous women as part of the plot, often using them to drive the plot, and lets them speak. Diversity works but the STiD top six is pretty poor.

Lol, no, like I said, lol, given his track record and depiction onscreen, lol, Scotty is the evidence of Keenser's competence, lol. Scotty would not allow someone who could not perform the job superbly and be safe around his engines, period. Nor would Keenser be his best friend and confidant if Scotty couldn't talk shop with him.
Tut tut - are we getting a bit tetchy there? That's still assumption, not evidence. Scotty might have just promoted his mate. I can make that same assumption about any one of those women working in engineering or do I have to assume they aren't any good because an 18 year old boy got promoted above them?

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