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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Are there any references to transporter rooms on Deck 7? I've always had it in my head that Deck 7 is considered "The Main Deck", and had a few transporter rooms, a sickbay complex, briefing room, security, computer core, etc. This is probably due to Shane Johnson's refit guide stating so, and Franz Joseph placing these areas on Deck 7 as well (I grew up with both tech manuals always within arm's reach). Now, you know we share a mutual disregard of (most of) FJs work, but is there evidence in the show that this is true, and Deck 7 is in fact "Main Street of the Enterprise"?

I ask because I'd like to group those areas accordingly on my own project, since I am featuring only key areas of key decks. It would be nice to have as much packed into these areas as possible, and not have a bunch of empty space or doors that don't open because they lead to nothing. Deck 7 being "Main Deck" would help in this regard. It would also make sense from a gaming standpoint to have all these locations grouped close together.

Just wondering if you have any more info that would support this theory.
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