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Re: Anti-Borg technology and tactics

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protomatter -- it probably wouldnt work at all.
Shouldnt need too work just go bang!

We are blowing up borg cubes not terraforming here.

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She must hate Genesis. She didnt like prtomatter BEFORE she lost her BF and got knocked by a zombie because of it.
Im sure assimilation is so much better.....

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There is no more Genesis for anyone.
Even though it will be all on starfleet computers. Scientists record there work, and it seems that those recording were given to starfleet as Kirk was debriefed on it by starfleet. It would be top secret but still there, no way they would delete it!. And section 31 would certainly have all the data.

Also seeing as Klingon and Romulan drones seem to be quite prevalent it seem the Romulans and Klingon have come under attack so Im guessing they have found some way to resist seeing as Quo nos and Romulus are not borg worlds. With the Romulans it may be due to there devlopmnet of thalaron weapons, kill the organic parts of the borg and render them useless. Of couse they would eventually adapt but I could see it working for a bit.

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