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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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Great work on Deck 6. I think I prefer Life Support Control's location at the center of the deck. I also like how you expanded the room in Environmental Engineering and the Day of the Dove lounge.
Thanks Donny, your feedback really means a lot to me. Yes, LSC in the center makes sense in the inner area/shelter context. Too bad, I will be unable to have two options for this one (unlike McCoy's office from "The Changeling") and be forced to settle for one.

Donny wrote: View Post
Btw, could you give me a run down on what Deck 7 contains based on screen accuracy and dialogue? I'm assuming you have thought as far ahead to have a general idea.
Ironically, trying to keep up with your thread I had a tingling sensation today that told me "Do Deck 7 now!" Yes, I have the final layout but still need to put it in a presentable and graphic form.

On the port side we'll have the Season One corridor from "The Naked Time" ("of course" I'm tempted to add) leading to the Engineering Control Room. Although I didn't feel too comfortable with the idea, Medical Ward 2 from Season Two with McCoy's office ("The Deadly Years", "Journey to Babel" etc.) will be accomodated behind the Season One corridor walls (the main reason for that being the red turbo lift door vis-a-vis the exam room!). This one will have the angled-in third bed according to various episodes.

Towards the bow will be the Season One studio set from "The Naked Time". I feel I'll be unable to accomodate this Season One set on the port side where it should belong
  • Spock is passing "Personnel Records" on his way to the ECR, Lt. Riley is not (on his way to Medical Ward 4)!
  • I tried to confine all medical wards 4 at least to the starboard side, putting the "Naked Time" ward on the port side would conflict with this approach
The starboard side will accomodate the Medical Ward from "The Way to Eden" and Dr. M'Benga's / the Season Three office. This one will also have the straight wall with the third bed from "Return to Tomorrow".

As for the center of this deck I'll put the upper level of the Computer Core according to The Making of Star Trek. Since its size, shape and diameter is conjectural there should be no problem accomodating the extra "third beds" from the sickbay intensive care areas (funny, I, too considered these areas on Deck 7 to be just that. But I feel this makes good sense to have the intensive care area on a deck where there's less traffic than on Decks 5 and 6 in comparison).

The whole reasoning for this Deck 7 arrangement will hopefully become clearer once it's illustrated and commented with the analysis.

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