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Well, it's not weird in the sense that A) you're not alone and B) when I was a kid (say around 10-12) I used to watch the same movies 30-40 times over a period of a few weeks or months, and then moved on. I think most kids are like that (maybe).

What's unusual (read: out of the ordinary; it's not pejorative) is that you keep doing it after so much time, and so late in life.

I'm glad you enjoy the movie that much. But I couldn't do that anymore, myself. Too many good movies to see again !

Precisely. Many people don't understand why others watch a movie more than once. To me it's like music, only a bit longer than your usual album: your appreciation of the product changes over time, and you want to go through the whole thing at least once in a while.
It's like coming back to an old friend. Honestly, every time I watch it I see something new.

I certainly watch it a lot less now.

I'm on a bit of a TSFS run at the moment. I've probably only seen that 100-200 times
Clearly you hate Spock to have watched him die 500 times and only bring him back 100-200 times.
You know, its true I have killed his death scene for me somewhat now by overwatching it.

If you watch the scene now - there is a cadet swaying in the background which my eye is always drawn to. His "radiation poisoning" acting (if that's what it is) is distracting and bordering on ridiculous.
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