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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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What the hell...

Looks quite awful to me..
That particular still has a noticeable amount of motion blur, which is inherent to the source, so the ship looks a bit soft at that particular moment -- but you can see resolved grain on top of that blur. And as TrekCore notes, the shot has always looked rather poor. I'm not sure what could have made it look substantially better.

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And I see a lot of color noise apart from that (Guinan pic).
I just hope these are all VERY BAD screenshots that have nothing to do with the actual S4 set. To be quite honest, I can't see ANY of the HD sharpness I'm used to on most of these comparison HD shots. They all look just a little better than upscales to me. Oh dear...
I couldn't disagree more. They look nothing like SD upscales. The live action looks just as good as Season Three. It's the same film and DP after all. And I don't see color noise, I see colored grain, especially blue specks, which are a characteristic of Kodak 5296. It has fine tabular grains in all but the fast yellow layer (which tend to be dark blue colors and shadows). This is just what that o-neg looks like when scanned with modern equipment.
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