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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I'm 36 years old and work as a Science Teacher/Assistant-Principal in Texas. I do some educational training for NASA and had an opportunity to apply to be an Educator Astronaut a few years ago (obviously I got cut, but it was still pretty cool just getting my foot in the door and hope to give it another shot next year). I am also and Aerospace Education Officer for the Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxillary). I'm a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Astros(thus my username), and San Antonio Spurs.

I started watching TOS back when the animateds were airing on Sat morning on NBC back in the day. I love TOS, NG, and Ent. My favorite characters are Riker, Trip, and Archer. My favorite NG episodes are TBOBW, The Pegasus, Second Chances, A Matter of Honor, Yesterday's Ent, The Last Outpost, The Inner Light, 11001001, and Future Imperfect.
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