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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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...bringing back segregation 300 years in the future is a positive response to alleged sexism in JJTrek, and not unbelievably more sexist itself.
Of course the solution is ridiculous! It's supposed to be satirical humor, not my personal opinion of utopia. In other words, the fact that all-female or all-male crews doesn't solve the underlying problems between men and woman is the moral of the story. Victorian-style collective punishment isn't the solution. The solution is for both sexes to, well, grow up and learn the value of self-restraint and personal responsibility. That's NOT what JJ Trek presents, though. It presents a military organization that feels more like the set of a reality show.

The worst you could say about Checkov filling in for Scotty is that it was done in a way to a sort of Police-Academy-style comedy-of-errors, the equivalent of Scotty being sent through the brewery tubes, and similar in tone to Scotty hitting his beam in Trek V which was seen (by those with better taste) as being groan-incuding. We're supposed to enjoy seeing an underage crew bumble their way through, hence the Enterprise going underwater and Scotty commenting on how stupid an idea that was. It's funny, you see? They're young, right? So they don't know any better! Who cares about plausibility when you just want to provide a couple hours of light diversion?

But back to gender... In JJ Trek, aside from Pike's dressing down, Kirk being an egotistical jerk is presented as a way for him to be seen as hip or likable to teens and 20 somethings, just as hip hop songs glorify getting rich and carving notches on bed-posts. Same deal with Zoe Saldana's Uhura flagrantly showing her affections or having lover's quarrels for Spock in a serious "workplace" scenario where lives could be on the line. There seems to be no interest in a Horatio Hornbloweresque style Starfleet where Kirk and company exit the academy as a marine might exit West Point. People would rather see these characters let their hair down and treat the Enterprise like a frat-house.

The scene with Alice Eve, IMHO, spawns out of that attitude.

I'm sure you'll continue to accuse me of misreading it, but to me it's patently obvious. We're supposed to chuckle over Kirk getting caught like a kid with his hand in the cookie-jar, just as we're supposed to chuckle over Kirk's joke out of the turbolift quipping about Spock and Uhura fighting. In other words, everything in Into Darkness is actually just a fun little Indiana Jones style 'romp'. That's why Kirk had to come back to life so quickly after dying. The gravitas is all phoney and all loose ends have to be tied up in time for supper.

JJ Trek really has nothing at all to say, because any sort of message there is delivered without any real depth, sincerity, or attention to story detail. It just wants to provide empty calories, style as a substitute for substance, and the fact that it's been accepted points to audiences preferring not to think about anything deeper than how sexy Alice Eve looks in black lingere.
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