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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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Noel Neil kicked ass, and that was the 1950s when women weren't supposed to.
Was she Lois for most of the Reeves show? I think she's the one I liked the most.
There was also Coats, but I don't remember ever seeing her (though I probably have). There may have been more, I don't remember.

But I'm pretty much with you. Kidder just wasn't good at all. I'd list 'em as:



Of all of them, I think they "dick measuring" line probably bets fits Durance.
Looking into Coates was Lois for the first season of Superman but then they pulled a Darren Stevens and swapped to Neill in the second season. Watching some clips on YouTube right now, Neill is who I prefer but it'd still be hard to rank Neill and Coates with the other actresses given the different interpretations of the characters between the 50s and then the 70s onward. But maybe:


I *almost* think Durance is ranked a bit high but her version of Lois got better more toward the end of the series.

The "dick measuring" line doesn't bother me and could probably fit any version of the character short of Hatcher (who was a bit too much of a glamor girl to use such language) keeping in mind Lois is an army brat who could hold her own in a conversation with men.
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