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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

Donny wrote: View Post
The back wall of this bed may very well jut into the examination room at the point where I have the exam room wall in question placed now. (This wall, if left in place, will potentially hide such an intrusion.)
That answers my question, thanks. Of course, if things go south (corner in exam room too cramped), you could always go for the straight wall with the third bed from "Return to Tomorrow".

Come to think about it we may look at a production "oddity" where they shifted the wall according to which room they wanted to shoot. Shoot the exam room with table, move the swing wall into the bedroom - shoot the bedroom with he third bed, swing it into the exam room.

Donny wrote: View Post
I was also planning on adding some sort of decoration, whether it be a GNDN to the wall once it's final placement is determined.
Wouldn't a GNDN look odd inside a room, if you are thinking of the corridor panels? I don't recall a precedence where a corridor GNDN made an appearance inside a room.

Which reminds me, that we still owe an answer. If I recall correctly and from The Making of Star Trek it was an inside-production acronym for "Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing".

For the DS9 time travel episode they featured GNDN as an inside joke and tribute to TOS (Greg provided the link with the picture of the erroneous "trident scanner" over the GNDN wall pipe) and during my Defiant studies from "In A Mirror, Darkly" I also spotted one in the horizontal Jefferies Tube (I promise, I didn't look for it ).

Which reminds me: In real life there is an (international?) color coding scheme what's running through a pipe. I hadn't dared yet to test if it works with the GNDN pipes aboard the ship.

@ Albertese

You got a point. If everyone knows for example what I mean when I refer to "trident engineering tool" there's no need to use fancy names and instead save these for more critical candidates.

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