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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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As you know, I have the same issue with Chekov, as portrayed, being assigned as security chief in TMP for similar reasons.
And with Rand as the transporter chief, too?
Rand is slightly different because we never really got to see much of a skill set beyond the fact that she recognised a description of earth before seeing it, and she was able to man the helm in an emergency, which all crew should be able to do. Same with operating a transporter or the communications console really. I feel pretty much the same with giving Uhura combat skills in STiD - all officers should have that kind of training. Going beyond that and having her become an expert engineer might have sat less well but even so

What qualities does Chekov have to be chief of security - he was naive, scientifically trained, and he got beat up pretty much every time he ever got into a fight. Mind you, so did Worf...
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