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Re: What if Ezri Dax was a male?

At first, I almost wished the next Dax had been a dude. Since it was Ezri, i think I disliked her just because I kept thinking she compared unfavorably as a replacement for Jadzia. And sure, she's supposed to be the next Dax, not just a replacement, but as a viewer, I think the transition would've been easier for me.

As for the actual characters, I think Worf would've had an easier time. Since Worf likes women, he'd be less weird and more accepting that it was a different person. On the other hand, looking back at the Jadzia lesbian kiss part, I wonder if a male Dax would have been attracted to Worf, and how awkward that would have been. ^_^

And I still don't understand why the Trills are so terrified of expressing feelings toward their old host's partners, when Ezri didn't even seem to care. Not talking about that one time on some other planet, but I mean, they briefly seemed to be considering a relationship. Wouldn't somebody from Trill show up and exile her or something? Or maybe they just don't give the symbiont to anyone else. I don't remember now.
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