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Re: what do people want star trek 3 to be like

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1) Original stories. No rehash.

2) I may be in the minority here but I'd like to see more of the federation. More ships. More of the different designs. More of the inner workings of the federation (assuming it's well done and not another the-federation-is-corrupt storyline).

3) And most importantly: I'd like to have the technical and canon advisers have some real authority. When a writer/director/producer suggests transwarp beaming or says that 78 decks seems more dramatic, the adviser gets to smack 'em upside the head and make them go sit in the corner.

Also, 4) throw a bunch of money at Rick Sternbach and get him to do a big batch of ship designs. Man, do I miss his stuff.

Canon and tech details simply aren't important to drama.
Oh, right. Tell that to the writers and producers of ER and THE WEST WING. Nothing says science fiction can't be given the same attention to detail. Tech and drama can work together in the right hands. Go rent the original FAIL SAFE and tell me the tech isn't important. They made tech and fabulous character drama work in 1964 and a smart writer can do it today.
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