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I don't understand why BBC America would even buy the rights to air Trek in the first place.
It has a well known British actor as the lead. That's the main reason why I think.

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BBC has a humongous vault of fantastic programs and if they had to buy the rights to some other shows, you'd think they would be focusing on the other Brit network's programming to be able to show 'on the other side of the pond'.
Oh you'd think so.... but BBC America has become more and more a dumping ground for Gordon Ramsey shows (many of which were made in the US originally), along with what they think Americans will watch namely Dr. Who and Top Gear. Top Gear repeats are on pretty much on all day every day.

BBC America is pretty much the same dreck as all US cable TV now :-(

I remember back in the mid-2000's they actually showed real British shows like The Avengers, The Saint, etc.
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