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Re: Does it hurt to be shot by phaser?

And Valeris, being a Vulcan, had the strength to hold them while she did it.
Umm, why would she need to hold anybody?

I mean, she's killing people by firing a phaser at them at stun setting. Surely she would start by firing a phaser at them at stun setting, making them unable to resist the subsequent sustained head shots.

The Jem'Hedar carbines seem to work that way.
They are said to transport a toxin into the victim. But for all we know, phasers are also weaponized transporters... At least we saw a phaser transport nanoprobes to the victim in VOY "Macrocosm".

Perhaps the stun setting of a phaser consists simply of a beam that transports a tranquilizing chemical into the victim?

Timo Saloniemi
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